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Blast through leaves. Give your lawn a good grass-whooping. And send fall quivering in its boots with the toughest tools around.

Toro Riding Mowers - Rule The Land

Grass will be shakin' in its roots

Tough as nails and ready for lawn domination. Grass will be shakin' in its roots.

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MyRide® Suspension Sytem

Take the Ache out of Acreage

The patented MyRIDE® Suspension System takes the bump so your back doesn't

zero turn mower
TITAN® Havoc

Get Ready to Wreak Havoc

The Havoc Edition is the largest TITAN ever made and its chock full of features.

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With roots dating back to 1914, Toro was built on a tradition of quality, long lasting products and customer relationships. We take the same technologies that professional contractors rely on and design them into every product we build. From power-packed beasts that take on untamed acreage to space-saving sizes that tuck neatly into your garage, Toro zero turn mowers feature the ultimate in comfort making your mowing experience enjoyable and give you a beautiful lawn in less time.

MyRIDE® Comfort System

Toro’s got your back. Literally. Our patented MyRIDE® Suspension System features a suspended, fully-floating rear and front shock adjustable operator platform that takes the bumps so your body doesn’t. With MyRIDE, the best seat in the house is actually in the yard. (Select models only)

IronForged® Decks

Built to Last. Get years of reliability and top performance with the IronForged® Deck, a 10-gauge High Strength fabricated steel deck shell, reinforced leading-edge across the entire deck, huge 6 inch spindles and belts reinforced with bulletproof material. (Select models only)

Built With ProDNA

The same, commercial-grade DNA that pros rely on, courses through the veins of every mower we build - giving you lawn-dominating power, durability, and precision to get the job done quicker and right the first time.

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Read this article that walks you through a wide variety of options to think about.


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How To Choose the Best Riding Lawn Mower

Toro riding mowers are built to last longer and perform better than any others you can find, but for many people, it’s hard to narrow down your choices to find what’s right for your lawn. The lineup of Toro riding mowers is solely zero-turn mowers because we believe they offer the most comfort, durability, and capability compared to others such as lawn and garden tractors, and allow a better mowing experience for our customers.

Because of their maneuverability and comfort, zero turn riding mowers are ideal for lawns with many obstacles including garden features, trees and landscaping. Consider the acreage of your lawn that needs to be cut, and the versatility you need, such as if you need to tow anything or mow different types of brush or grass. To start with, consider the size and grade of your lawn.

Now that you know the benefits of buying a zero-turn mower, here are the 8 key things to consider when buying a riding lawn mower.

  1. Durability – look for designs that are inspired by commercial machines
  2. Deck Construction – a heavier deck doesn’t mean a better quality of cut. Be sure to research those that leave a good after cut appearance.
  3. Engine Design – single-cylinder and twin-cylinder options are available, with twin-cylinder being the choice of professionals
  4. Cutting Height – look for easy adjustability without intricate parts which could break over time
  5. Wide Tires – wide tires offer the most traction and weight distribution for better stability
  6. Comfort – seat construction, suspension, and accessories (such as a sun shade) make all the difference
  7. Speed and steering control – adjustable speeds, smooth operator controls, and zero-turn steering give the operator full control
  8. Price – a key consideration for most customers, zero-turn mowers start around $2,500 and go up depending on need for features, range, and comfort

There can be a lot to consider when making this choice, and Toro has a fantastic selection of products above. For more information about these 8 steps to choosing the right riding mower for you, read more at

Property Size
What's the size of your property? From suburban lawns to large properties, cut your mowing time with zero-turn steering. Giving you a gorgeous lawn and more time to enjoy it.
Mowing Deck
Choose a deck that fits your needs, from the 32" to get into tight spaces, to our 60" time saver. No matter the size, our decks are built to last, and will let you cut like the Pros.
Terrain Type
What type of terrain are you cutting? Whether it's a finished manicured lawn with obstacles or a rough pasture, we have a mower for you.
Creature Comforts
From our Handcrafted seats to the MyRide suspension system, you'll enjoy a more comfortable ride, keeping you productive and feeling fresh.