Workman® HDX 2WD

  • Model: 07384
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  • Payload Capacity of up to 3352 lbs.
  • Comfortable ride and easy to reach controls.
  • Robust suspension provides ride quality that reduces fatigue and increases operator comfort.
  • Extremely versatile with many accessories to enhance the Workman HD's capabilities.
  • Short description for frames.
  • 4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes provide greater stopping power and easier servicing than traditional drum brakes.
  • A specially designed composite bumper with seven (7) energy absorbing crush zone cones protects the Workman to withstand impacts up to 3 mph (4.8 km/h) under full load with no permanent deformation.


You can’t get more hauling capacity, versatility, or bang for your utility vehicle buck than you can with a Toro Heavy-Duty Workman. With an I-beam axle that’s seven times stronger than a tubular design, a bed that hauls up to 3,352 pounds (1,520 kg), and an electronic fuel-injected engine that makes every gallon go farther, it’s the highest performing utility vehicle on the market today.


Payload Capacity
The Workman HDX line of vehicles provides total payload capacity up to 3352 lbs.
Operator Comfort
In addition to excellent ride quality, the HD Series offers an easy to read instrumentation package, enhanced leg room, a radio / beverage holder, easy to reach controls and a deep storage box.
Ride Quality
Independent front suspension consisting of two double A-frames with opposing dual coil springs and dual shock absorbers provides 5.75 in. (14.6 cm) of front suspension travel. Rear suspension design consists of a DeDion rear axle and dual independent leaf springs and shock absorbers to provide 3 in. (7.6 cm) of rear travel. Benefits include operator comfort, safety, reduced operator fatigue, productivity and efficiency gains.
The Workman® can perform a variety of work tasks beyond hauling and towing with attachments such as a 200 Gallon (757 Litre) Sprayer, Vicon® Spreader, 1/3 Vertical Platform Lift, Patriot® Aerial Lift and Topdressers. Numerous accessories enhance versatility including Canopy, Folding Windshield, Various Light Kits, Deluxe Hard Cab, Various Flatbeds, 4-Post ROPS, Automatic Tailgate Release, Rear PTO and others.
Tough Frames
The Workman® front space frame design is multi-dimensional or truss like, providing superior strength and torsional rigidity in rough terrain. The rear frame uses a C-channel design to provide superior strength in hauling heavy loads.
DeDion Rear Axle
The DeDion rear axle design is an automotive technology which isolates the engine, transmission and main frame from all load forces, eliminating stress to these main components. The I-beam design provides superior ability to handle vertical loading, exactly the reason I-beams are used extensively in the construction industry.
Disc Brakes
4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes provide greater stopping power and easier servicing than traditional drum brakes.
Front Impact Bumper
A specially designed composite bumper with seven (7) energy absorbing crush zone cones protects the Workman to withstand impacts up to 3 mph (4.8 km/h) under full load with no permanent deformation.


Air Filter Remote mounted, heavy-duty 2-stage air cleaner with evacuator valve
Alternator 60 amps with electronic regulator
Battery 12V
Brakes - Front Hydraulic Disc
Brakes - Rear Hydraulic disc
Cargo Bed Yes
Cargo Capacity 2,849 lbs. (1295 kg)
Clutch 7.5" (19 cm) clutch and pressure plate
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Crated Model No
Differential Lock Manual engage rear differential lock
Displacement 962cc (58.7 ci)
Drivetrain Gas
Frame Steel space frame front frame and C-channel rear frame.
Fuel / Power Source Gasoline
Fuel Capacity 6 gallons (22.7 liters)
Fuel Filter In tank filter sock. 10 micron polyester depth.
Fuel Pump 12V internally regulated 42 psi in-tank
Gauges/Instrumentation Fuel and coolant temperature gauges. Hour meter. Oil pressure, check engine and battery charge indicator lights. Tachometer and speedometer.
Ground Clearance Rear: 7" (18 cm)
Height Overall Top of ROPS: 75.8" (192.5 cm)
High Speed Lockout Interlock key switch that prevents engine from running in 3rd gear. Limits engine RPM to 2,200 in 3rd gear high range (HDX gas).
Horn Standard
Interlock To start engine, clutch pedal must be depressed and remote hydraulic lever must be in neutral position. If installed, high flow hydraulics and rear PTO must be disengaged/switched off
Lights Standard LED Headlights
Overall Width 64.7" (164.3 cm)
Power Rating 32.5 hp (24.2 kW)
Power Steering Yes
Power Train (Engine Description) Kubota® 972 EFI, 32.5 hp (24.2 kW), 4-cycle, liquid cooled, 962 cc, 3 cylinder
Product Length Overall w/o Bed: 127.6" (324 cm) Overall w/ Full Bed: 130" (330 cm)
Rear Draw Bar Standard
Rear Draw Bar Description Steel hitch bracket bolted to rear DeDion axle. Mounting plate provides mounting hole for pin or ball hitch and incorporates two safety chain mounting holes. Maximum tongue weight of 600 lbs (272 kg). Trailers over 1500 lbs. require trailer brakes.
Roll-Over Protection (ROPS) Standard
Seat Bucket Seat
Starting Electric
Steering System Description Hydraulic power steering with steering valve coupled to hydraulic cylinder with thru shaft. Maximum steering angle is 70 degrees on 2WD and 50 degrees on 4WD.
Suspension - Front Independent system with dual "A" frame control arms, dual coil springs and dual shock absorbers with anti-sway bar.
Suspension - Rear DeDion rear axle (weight carrying axle) suspension independent of transaxle with dual leaf springs and dual shock absorbers.
Suspension Travel - Front 5.75" (14.6 cm)
Suspension Travel - Rear 3" (7.6 cm)
Tires - Front 20" x 9" - 12", 6-ply, Turf Tread
Tires - Rear 24" x 12" - 12", 6-ply, Turf Tire
Total Vehicle Capacity 3,249 lbs. (1477 kg)
Towing Capacity 3,500 lbs. (1587 kg)
Traction Drive (System) 2WD
Transmission Rear transaxle directly connected to engine, twin axle drive. 3-speed synchromesh (forward speeds only), h-shift pattern with high-low range providing 6 forward speeds and 2 in reverse. Transmission housing doubles as hydraulic reservoir with outlet screen and external filter.
Vehicle Configuration Standard
Vehicle Type Heavy Duty
Weight w/o Fuel:1,951 lbs. (887 kg)


Pro Sweep®
Pro Sweep® (Part # 07068)
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High-Flow Hydraulics Kit (Part # 07316)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Plastic Bedliner (Part # 07331)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Cab Heater (Part # 07349)
Empty Image Container
Canopy (Part # 07372)
Empty Image Container
Folding Windshield (Part # 07373)
Empty Image Container
4-Post ROPS (Part # 07378)
Empty Image Container
Cab Kit (Part # 07392)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Cab Door Kit (Part # 07393)
Empty Image Container
Hand Throttle Kubota® EFI (Part # 07408)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Rear PTO Kit (Part # 07419)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
ATV / Snow Tires (Part # 07422)
Image Not Found
Synthetic Turf Conditioner, Tow-Behind Accessory (Part # 08791)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Hitch Pin (Part # 100-4523)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Jack Stand (Part # 105-9482-03)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Backup Alarm Kit (Part # 107-8037)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Toro 55 Gallon Premium ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid (Part # 108-1185)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Premium ATF Pail (Part # 108-1186)
Genuine OEM Part 108-1190
Toro 14 oz. All-Purpose Grease (Part # 108-1190)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Remote Hydraulics Manifold Kit (Part # 110-2626)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Wheel (Part # 114-8260)
Wireless Hourmeter System
Wireless Hourmeter System (Part # 115-4754)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Horn Kit (Part # 115-7825)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Side Mirror Kit (Part # 115-7849)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Auxiliary Antenna Kit (Part # 115-9524)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Base Station Kit (Part # 115-9542)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Repeater Kit (Part # 115-9543)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Worklight Kit (Part # 117-4827)
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Receiver Hitch Kit (Part # 117-4831)
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Canopy for Four-Post Roll-Over Protection System Kit (Part # 119-9457)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
High Air Intake Kit (Part # 121-6285)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Trailer Brake Kit (Part # 125-0123)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Tailpipe Extension Kit (Part # 127-7397)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Backup Alarm Kit (Part # 127-8729)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
1/3 Area Cover Kit (Part # 127-8739)
Exterior Mirror Kit
Exterior Mirror Kit (Part # 130-5448)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Interior Mirror Kit (Part # 130-5449)
Beacon Kit
Beacon Kit (Part # 130-5484)
Work Lights Kit
Work Lights Kit (Part # 130-5485)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Washer Fluid Kit (Part # 130-5615)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Hitch (Part # 131-3462)
Seat Cover, Small
Seat Cover, Small (Part # 131-6690)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Tire (Part # 131-8428)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Tire (Part # 131-8430)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Tire (Part # 131-8432)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Rear Tire (Part # 131-8433)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Power Point Kit (Part # 131-8550)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
LED Work Light Kit (Part # 133-0554)
ROPS Beacon Kit
ROPS Beacon Kit (Part # 133-0609)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Canopy Bracket Light (Part # 133-0627)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Door Mount Mirror Kit (Part # 136-1997)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
A502 Tire (Part # 136-6308)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
K502 Tire (Part # 136-6309)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
A404 Tire (Part # 136-6334)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
A404 Tire (Part # 136-6335)
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Brake and Signal LED Light Kit, Serial number 410500000 and After Workman HD Utility Vehicle (Part # 145-2296)
Image Not Found
TRAILER SIGNAL KIT, LED (Part # 147-2791)
Image Not Found
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400 Hour MVP Kit (Part # 30248)
Multi Pro® WM Turf Sprayer
Multi Pro® WM Turf Sprayer (Part # 41240)
18 cu.ft. Topdresser 1800
18 cu.ft. Topdresser 1800 (Part # 44225)
25 cu.ft. Topdresser 2500
25 cu.ft. Topdresser 2500 (Part # 44507)
Pro Force® Debris Blower with Wireless Remote
Pro Force® Debris Blower with Wireless Remote (Part # 44552)
Pro Force® Debris Blower (DOT-compliant)
Pro Force® Debris Blower (DOT-compliant) (Part # 44553)
Pro Force® Debris Blower with Tethered Controller
Pro Force® Debris Blower with Tethered Controller (Part # 44554)
21 cu.ft. ProPass™ 200 Series Topdresser
21 cu.ft. ProPass™ 200 Series Topdresser (Part # 44701)
21 cu.ft. ProPass™ 200 Series Topdresser
21 cu.ft. ProPass™ 200 Series Topdresser (Part # 44751)
Genuine OEM Part 81115
Wheel Weight Kit (Part # 81115)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Fuse Block (Part # 92-2641)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
PTO Over Running Clutch Kit (Part # 92-2655)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Lift Kit (Part # 92-4452)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Spark Arrestor Screen (Part # 94-8157)
Genuine OEM Part 99-1091
23 x 10.5 - 12 4-Ply Sawtooth Tire (Part # 99-1091)



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