4-in-1 Bucket Loader Bucket Attachment

  • Model: 22478
  • Use as a standard bucket, a leveler, a grapple rake and a blade.


Designed to be used on the Dingo 323, 320-D, e-Dingo, TX 427, TX 525 and TX 1000 models, this attachment offers the versatility of 4 attachments. Use as a standard bucket, a leveler, a grapple rake and a blade.


With the jaws completely closed, use this attachment as a standard bucket. Open the Dingo 4-in-1 bucket jaws to dump the contents into a higher area than a standard bucket can reach.
With the jaws completely open, use the back of the bucket as a blade to push material. Or, partially close the jaws and use the bottom of the front bucket to knock the top of clumps and grade with the rear blade.
With the jaws completely open, use the bucket floor’s rear cutting edge as a leveler. Tip the bucket slightly forward so that the rear cutting edge of the bucket floor is on the ground and the forward edge is off the ground. Lower the cutting edge and begin leveling by dragging it in reverse across the surface of the ground.
While using the traction units forward and reverse auxiliary function, the side jaws can be used for picking up material by closing them over objects or materials to be transported.


Capacity SAE struck (cu. ft.) 2.7; 3.3 (heaped)
Construction Fabricated, welded steel frame
Height (cm) 55
Height (inches) 22
Length (cm) 68
Length (inches) 27
Mounting Frame Dingo® quick-attach mount plate, fabricated, welded base
Quick Couplers Dripless, flush face quick couplers
Weight (kg) 132
Weight (lbs) 292
Width (cm) 125
Width (inches) 49

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