High Torque Auger Attachment

  • Model: 22805
  • Designed for large auger bits up to 30" (76cm)
  • High Torque (Power) Drive for the most demanding conditions
  • Direct planetary drive


In any drive head, there is a tradeoff between torque (power) and speed (revolutions per minute). The high torque head provides a large amount of torque to the auger at a slower speed. The high torque translates into the Dingo's capability to dig 30" (76.2 cm) holes up to 6' (1.8 m) deep in clay, gravel, sandstone and many other conditions where lower torque heads get stuck.


Horizontal Lockout
Horizontal Lockout
The head locks in the horizontal position for usage with the Toro Cement Bowl, Capstand Adapter and more.
High Torque Drive
High Torque Drive
The high torque drive provides a tremendous 1515 ft-lbs of torque at 3000 psi with a bit speed of 57 rpm to break through the toughest ground.
Planetary Gear Drive
Planetary Gear Drive
The planetary gear drive provides high speeds and maximum torque to the auger, while transmitting minimal stress on the auger head components. The planetary gear drive insures the longevity of the hydraulic motor.


Auger Speed 57 rpm at 11 gpm (41.6 lpm), 95% efficiency
Construction Fabricated, welded steel frame
Height (cm) 59
Height (inches) 23
Length (cm) 40
Length (inches) 16
Mounting Frame Dingo® quick-attach mount plate, fabricated, welded base
Quick Couplers Dripless, flush face quick couplers
Shaft (cm) 6.5
Shaft (inches) 2.6
Torque 1515 ft/lb at 3000psi, at 11 gpm (461 m-kg at 207 bar, at 72 lpm)
Weight (kg) 83
Weight (lbs) 182
Width (cm) 62
Width (inches) 24


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